Boise Teeth Whitening

Over time our teeth become stained or discolored. Some of this discoloration is external, meaning that it can be removed with regular dental cleanings.  Internal staining can often be corrected with the appropriate teeth whitening treatment. Our dentists have years of experience performing professional cosmetic teeth whitening procedures, including – Boost in-office whitening, Opalescence tooth whitening gels (contains potassium nitrate and fluoride for reduced sensitivity and to strengthen tooth enamel), as well as Zoom day/night custom teeth whitening trays.

Our Boise dentists provide the best teeth whitening products and services to restore your smile to its original healthy white state. Whether you want a same-day white smile, or would like a more gradual teeth whitening experience, our staff with design the best teeth whitening plan for your goals.


Opalescence Go Teeth Whitening Gel

This is the professional alternative to over-the-counter teeth whitening products. It’s a great-tasting way to start your teeth whitening treatment. There are no custom trays or impressions needed, this product is ready to go straight out of the package. Opalescence Go also contains potassium nitrate and fluoride to reduce sensitivity, and increase the strength of tooth enamel helping to prevent tooth cavities. It comes in peach, melon and mint flavors.


Boost In-Office Power Bleaching

Opalescence Boost is a chemically activated power whitening gel that provides brighter, whiter teeth after just 40 minutes in the dental chair. The powerful 40% hydrogen peroxide gel is chemically activated, so it doesn’t require a hot, uncomfortable light to work. Using the unique double-syringe configuration, the clinician activates the 40% hydrogen peroxide formula just prior to application, ensuring every dose of Opalescence Boost is fresh and effective.

  • Chemically activated, so no light is needed
  • Powerful 40% hydrogen peroxide gel
  • Opalescence tooth whitening gel contains PF (potassium nitrate and fluoride). Potassium nitrate has been shown to help reduce sensitivity. Fluoride has been shown to help reduce caries and strengthen enamel. Together they help to improve the overall health of the teeth.1-5
  • Fresh chemical for each application
  • Precise delivery
  • Easy to see for complete removal

Two 20-minute applications for a total of 40 minutes of treatment time


Zoom At-Home Teeth Whitening Trays

With a variety of take-home whitening formulas to choose from, including options you wear at night or during the day, it’s easy to find your perfect match with Philips Zoom DayWhite and NiteWhite. Each promises a noticeably whiter smile and your best results fast by wearing a custom-made whitening tray at home for 30 mins a day, or overnight, until you get the desired results.