Fundraising for Camp Hodia

Fundraising for Camp Hodia

This year in May we raised funds for Camp Hodia, a camp for kids with Type 1 Diabetes. It can be super hard as a kid to discover that you have this condition that needs your attention multiple times a day. Kids who go to camp meet other kids like themselves and learn how to adapt to the new normal in their life.

We discovered this organization earlier this year and are impressed with the stories from kids who talk about how much their lives have gotten better by knowing other kids with this same situation. Some kids who come from small towns do not know any other kids with diabetes and sometimes feel very alone. This camp helps them learn new people and new skills to help make their lives feel normal again. The camp has groups for kids, teens, and even young adults. Getting used to living with diabetes initially is very important. Then keeping up with the lifestyle changes that happen during teen years and then into adulthood can be challenging too. Camp Hodia can help.

We raised this money by donating a portion of our New Patient visit. Many thanks to our new patients during the month of May. You are the ones who made this donation possible. We appreciate you for this. The money we raised will go mainly to support “Camperships” for kids whose families aren’t able to support sending kids to camp on their own.


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